Thoughts For 2019

Dated: January 10 2019

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Missy’s Thoughts For 2019

I just want to take a moment to let you know our team is here for you whether you're looking to sell, buy, get ready, get smart, or just stalk the website! 

What To Expect When Selling Your Home

2019 is going to level out. Our resale prices will stay about where we ended last summer if not correct to a bit lower resale value. I have found the appraisals are coming back lower but the main reason is that the comparative homes need to have sold in the last 6 months. When those great high resale comps are older than 6 months, the appraiser will not use them. So if you are looking to sell BEFORE you buy, you need to let us know so we can set you up to receive a specific market watch for your community! If you want top dollar for your house you must be proactive and make sure your home is READY to be marketed. If you want our resale pre-list instructions, just ask. It makes all the difference in the money you will walk away with from a resale transaction.

How To Prepare To Buy

When prepping to buy a home, it is just as imperative that you get your act together. Our team members are not tour guidesTeam Effort! . You really need to ask for lender information and at least get pre-approved before you start looking at homes. You must know where you stand credit-wise and what your debt to income ratio is. You want to be able to eat AND pay your mortgage! Do not go with the online lenders! The difference between a local lender and a corporate machine is HUGE!!! You do not need to be a 1-800, call me 9-5, number! Not everyone fits into their corporate box lender guidelines. Customer service and personal care is paramount in a successful buyer's journey!

Renters Beware!

For those of you looking to rent, it is more competitive than to buy. So if your credit stinks you need to work on it! If you have a story and why you are where you are, write it up and be ready to add it to your application. Keep in mind everyone in your household over 18 will need to be on an application and it’s about $50.00 a person. Be ready to do multiple applications. If you have 3 dogs, cats, or pit bulls, it’s going to be even more difficult! Do NOT look to Craigslist for trustworthy homeowners to rent from. If you go the route of a “for rent by owner” BE CAREFUL too. Always have someone look over any “agreements” you are signing. Take it to the JAG office on base or hire someone to save you from a year or two of hell. I also never suggest you sign a lease for more than the first year. Sign for 1 year with first right of refusal for the next. That way if the relationship between you and the owner is terrible you can get out without penalty. Everyone is all "nicey nice" until they are NOT!

The Walden Team Is Here For You 

If you are just gathering information please do not hesitate to ask. Our team is compiled of prior military families in different stages of life, different mastered skill sets, with a huge reach of connections that are here for you. If we cannot help you, we will find someone that can.  Reach out anytime 540-903-5171!

Those of you that are realtors need to meet with me and get smart about this market disruptor, called eXp Realty...

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